*** Est. May 2010 ***

Our mission is to have a wide collection off LEGO bricks and other LEGO items available at a very reasonable price for anyone that might be missing those items.

We don´t have commercial intentions, running this store (and of course our love for Lego) is our hobby. Hence quality and customer satisfaction is very important to us. Please be aware of the following standards:


Items for Sale / Stock / Inventory and Availability:

Next to new sets that we purchase and part out we regularly buy batches of "unsorted" Lego that we will add to our inventory. Our aim is to frequently add items to / replenish our stock. Please visit us regularly to keep up to date.

In some cases we may not able to completely fulfill your order. Depending on the order size, and the item(s) missing we either refund the missing part (and ship the order) or contact you with the question if you want to cancel the order. (in case the item seems to be the reason for ordering).  As we are no Mind readers please feel free to contact us in case you are not satisfied. (before leaving negative feedback).


As we feel that Lego turns used the moment you open the (sealed) box it came in. All bricks and parts in our shop are marked as used and should be considered "Good" to "as new" quality. 
As a result the only items with the status new theoretically can only be (sealed in box) sets. Stickers are also always new.

Since we buy new sets that we part out and unsorted used batches there are off course differences in the quality of bricks. Only those items are added that are in good condition (in general: items we would be happy with if we bought and use in our MOC's).

Opening / processing hours / respons time:

Although our shop is open (for placing orders) 24/7 and we try to process orders daily. Depending on the size, holidays, etc. (it's a hobby) processing your order make take longer. So please allow 3-4 days for shipment.

Order size, Handling and Packaging:

Every order, big or small, is important to us and therefore we do not have a minimum order amount/quantity.


We do not charge any handling, but since every order should reach you in the best condition possible we try to make sure your order is shipped in good quality packaging. As in the case of Lego not only the weight of the shipment is important also the shape of the items has its influence. Packing isn't cheap and since we work with shipping quotes the quote also includes our questimation of the packaging materials used: we use either AirBubble envelopes or boxes.

AirBubble Small: EUR 0.50
AirBubble Medium: EUR 0.75
AirBubble Large: EUR 1.00
AirBubble Super: EUR 1.25

LetterBox: EUR 1.50

Box/Package: EUR 1.75



As methods of payment we accept Bank Transfer (IBAN) and PayPal.



We, in principle, ship worldwide. We generally use the dutch "national" postal service TNT-Post.
Orders with a delivery address in the Netherlands are sent true "normal" letterbox mail or parcel service.

International Parcels will be sent by International Plus Service.

In rare cases the real/final shipping costs might differ from the costs invoiced for shipment by us. This might occur if the envelope/package (when dropping it off at the post office) is (slightly) lighter of heavier than anticipated. In this case we pay (or cash) the difference. We won't invoice these additional shipping costs but we will not refund them either.

Export, Customs and Taxes:

Orders that can be processed with standard letterbox mail (i.e. envelopes) will be sent just like that...(no tax stickers etc).
Parcels that have to go trough the post office are subjected to forms. These will be filled out according to the law, bearing in mind the "relative" value off secondhand Lego..., (even the most rare minifig would have a value of EUR 2,50.).